Friday, October 24, 2014

Arma 3 | Breaking Point Zombies | Singleplayer

A Do-It-Yourself Guide to have the zombies from the Arma 3 Breaking Point Mod for your Single Player, Offline needs be it in Singleplayer zombie-themed missions, doing short zombie clips, zombie photography, or just about anything in the Arma 3 Editor. I hope this helps.


Some deal with it facts:
1. There will be no official Single Player version of the Arma 3 Breaking Point Mod per info from the mod creator himself.

 "We're never making it single player. That's it. It's a multiplayer mod. Looks like you will have to look for an alternative mod on Arma 3 or another game to suit your needs." - deathlyrage (04 September 2014 - 12:11 AM)

2. When you use the latest files from the Breaking Point Mod and launch it using Mod folder, you will have an Arma 3 Main Menu similar to the one shown below. Where's the Singleplayer and Editor button now?

3. Since version 0.1291 of the Breaking Point Mod for Arma 3, Singleplayer and Editor buttons have been disabled to prevent false kicks, lag and for security reasons.

4. When BP Mod zombies are spawned in the editor, they would end up just marching and not attack your avatar or any AI unit. A good example for such behavior is shown in this particular YouTube video. The zombies are not bugged. They are not doing a Michael Jackson Thriller flash mob either. Its intentional I guess that they were 'looped' by BP devs to do such walking. If you don't give the zeds something else to do, they will just go on synchronized marching.

The objective of this DIY guide is for us to use, despite limitations above, zombies from the Arma 3 Breaking Point Mod for Single Player, Offline needs be it in Singleplayer zombie-themed missions, campaigns, scenarios, doing short zombie clips, zombie-related photography, or just about anything in the Arma 3 Editor. This guide is NOT about porting the mod for Singleplayer purposes nor is this about using other Breaking Point Mod assets. We just want the zombies.

I never play online considering the frequent power and internet service interruption in my place and simply because multiplayer is not my cup of tea. But I like the zombies from the Arma 3 BP Mod. I hope this guide helps those who are in the same plight as mine.

In general, the ~19-minute video guide can be divided into the following parts:
  • Part 1 - Introduction, Downloading required BP Mod files, Setup the Mod folder.
  • Part 2 - Downloading and Configuring the Sample Mission File to accommodate the BP Mod Zombies.
  • Part 3 - A look into the Paths, Game Parameters and sample Game Launcher plus some explanations on how to configure them.
  • Part 4 - Launching the game, Configuring the sample mission file directly in the editor, Preview and play the sample mission file.
* Pardon the countless grammar and pronunciation errors in the video. English is not my mother tongue.

Codes and files used in the video
You can download the codes and files used in the video guide from this link. This will serve as your template. Adjust the paths accordingly to your local paths. The files are compressed in a ZIP archive. The ZIP file's MD5 hash: 7c441dadbe84b2edd126d27b4b64a65a

The ZIP archive that I have provided contains the following files:

Everything else that you need to know were covered in the video. Refer to the video for the easy-to-follow instructions on how to use and where to use the files from the ZIP file. I will not be providing the edited sample mission file or the Breaking Point Mod *.pbo files because they are not my files. This is a DIY guide, hence, you have to Do-It-Yourself. The steps are not hard to follow anyway.

- To calculate the MD5 hash of the ZIP file above or any file for that matter, try something like HashMyFiles freeware utility.

- For editing your Arma 3 SQF files, you can use Notepad++ with SQF syntax highlighting for Arma 3 or Poseidon Text Editor (yes, it can be used without Sublime license).

- For more detailed info regarding Arma 3 Startup Parameters, check out this article:

It's your game, take control. Sandbox, so anything goes. Have fun, lots of fun!

Got this working on your machine? Got some videos to share? Post them on YouTube!