Saturday, April 6, 2013

Voice Commands in ArmA 3 Alpha

This video features voice commands / voice recognition in ArmA III Alpha via GlovePIE and 'voice_com' addon.


Things you can do with this setup can be summarized into two categories:

1) Basic player, AI or squad commands
- Commands like change view, kneel, stand up, go prone, open watch, open map, assign team, mount vehicle, disembark, engage target, open fire, hold fire, watch direction, etc.

- Of course, those basic commands can also be done in other voice recognition softwares like PiLfluS, Shoot, VAC or Windows Speech Recognition Macros.

Video demonstrating squad commands via VAC (ArmA2)

Video demonstrating squad commands via VAC (ArmA3)

Video demonstrating squad commands via GlovePIE (ArmA2)

Video demonstrating squad commands via GlovePIE (ArmA3)

2) Not-so-basic stuff
- Commands for player invincibility + infinite rifle-pistol ammo (God mode), adding (spawning) of any weapon, ammo, vehicle, item in ArmA 3 (or ArmA 2), time and weather manipulation, calling artillery strikes, remote detonation, moving to specific map location (teleportation), etc.

- Now, this is something unique since there is no in-game menu or dialog interaction involved, no keyboard shortcuts pressed. Just use your voice. To each his own. This setup is not dependent on injectors, cheat menu or hack menu found elsewhere on the internet.


Need a caliber 45 1911 pistol? Just say "add nineteen eleven"
Need an Arma 3 anti-aircraft launcher? Just say "AA launcher"
Want an M1 Abrams tank? Then just say "add Abrams"
Want to spawn an AA-12 shotgun? Just say "add Matilda"
Add 12 hours to current time ... just say "add twelve hours"
Call artillery strike at designated map location... just say "artillery"

... and so on and so forth.

Very easy to use. I haven't seen a video on YouTube using similar approach. I could be wrong though.

Files featured in this video especially the 'Voice Commands' / @voice_com addon are for personal use only. Voice commands and ArmA 3 rocks!

ArmA 3

@ANZINS / NoBlur [ALPHA] addon by Defunkt

GlovePIE 0.45 Free

Thank you very much for watching.